Forensic Science Education and Training by RTI International

Online Continuing Education and Training in Forensic Sciences offers online training for forensic and medical professionals, law enforcement and ancillary professionals. Course topics range from toxicology to crime scene investigation.

Ultra-Fast High Res LC-MS Analysis in Forensic Tox Testing

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Robotic Extraction & Analysis of Insulin Analogs - Archival

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DART-TOF MS Screening of Fentanyl and Other Emerging Drugs

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Power of High Res Mass Spec to Detect Fentanyl Analogues

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Exploiting the Power of LC/TOF Data Mining

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Administrative Management of an MDI Office

Resources for Administrators

Drug Facts: A DFSA Perspective

Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault Investigations

How to Be a Good Expert Witness

Prepare for Court

Specimen Validity Testing

The Workplace Experience

Concentration of Oxymorphone

In Postmortem Fluids and Tissue

Death Investigation in the Elderly

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Agilent Event: Method Validation for Quantitation and Confirmation of Amphetamines, Phentermine, and Designer Stimulants by LC/MS/MS

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The Forensic Technology Center of Excellence (CoE) provides testing, evaluation, technology assistance, and other services.

RTI International's Center for Forensic Sciences Continuing Education Program offers low or no-cost online forensic science courses in forensic toxicology, medicolegal death investigation, crime scene investigation, SUID investigation, SART / SANE / SAFE training, law enforcement, and many more areas. For a complete list of our online courses, use the training menu above or visit our training page, where all of our online forensic science courses are listed.