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Below you will find Web-based training for forensic and medical professionals, law enforcement and other forensic professionals

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Agilent Event: Confirmatory Blood Identification by Mass Spectrometry: Adapting Proteomics to Forens...  Free
Agilent Event: Controlled Substances Analysis - Archival Version  Free
Agilent Event: DART-TOF for Analysis of Bulk Drugs - Archival Version  Free
Agilent Event: Method Validation for Quantitation and Confirmation of Amphetamines, Phentermine, and...  Free
Agilent Event: Use of Agilent’s newly released MassHunter based designer drug GC/MS library to the i...  Free
An Overview of DFSA SANE/SAFE/SART Protocol I  ($78.00)
An Overview of DFSA SANE/SAFE/SART Protocol II  ($58.50)
Answering the NAS: The Ethics of Leadership and the Leadership of Ethics  ($28.50)
Best Practices for Volumetric Measurement  ($19.00)
Concentration of Oxymorphone in Postmortem Fluids and Tissue  ($19.00)
Developing a Missing Persons Protocol  ($39.00)
Expert Testimony Training for the Prosecutor and Scientist  ($19.00)
Expert Testimony Training for the Prosecutor and Scientist II  ($19.00)
Forensic Anthropology: Mapping and Exhumation of Clandestine Burials  ($39.00)
Fundamentals of Chromatography used in Toxicology  ($78.00)
Fundamentals of Immunoassay Testing Used in Toxicology  ($58.50)
Fundamentals of LC/MS/MS  ($28.50)
Fundamentals of Mass Spectrometry used in Toxicology  ($78.00)
Fundamentals of Non-Mass Selective Detectors  ($39.00)
Fundamentals of Sample Preparation used in Toxicology  ($78.00)
Gaining Speed with "Fast GC": A Practitioner's Perspective (archive)  Free
How to Be a Good Expert Witness  ($58.50)
Introduction to DNA Analysis - Nuclear DNA  ($117.00)
Introduction to DNA Analysis - YSTR and mtDNA  ($117.00)
Introduction to the Crime Laboratory – Understanding Its Role and Purpose  ($89.00)
Investigative Strategies: Missing and Unidentified Person Cases  ($39.00)
Managing Quality and Reliability in the Crime Laboratory: A Lawyer’s Perspective  ($89.00)
Offender Profiling: Psychology Contributions to Behavioral Crime Scene Analysis  ($58.50)
Opioids and Pain Management  ($19.00)
SOP Writing for ISO 17025 Accreditation  ($19.00)
Specimen Validity Testing: The Workplace Experience  Free
The Zzzz Drugs: From Analysis to Interpretation  ($28.50)
To Hell and Back:The Ethics of Stewardship and the Stewardship of Ethics  ($28.50)
Using Genetic Results to Identify Human Remains  ($39.00)