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Latent Fingerprints: Reducing Erroneous Exclusions

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Latent Fingerprints: Reducing Erroneous Exclusions
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Two-Day Virtual Workshop: November 20 and 21, 1:00 – 4:00 PM EST

*Regtistration is for both days.

The exclusion decision is a fairly recent change in latent print comparisons, and the discipline is still struggling with how to handle exclusions. Erroneous exclusions are being discovered with surprising frequency in latent print units around the country. Many labs have begun to verify their exclusion decisions, and this has resulted in errors finally being noticed. Recent research into the decisions of latent print examiners shows that erroneous exclusions are common and inevitable.

This workshop will review the policy changes that Arizona DPS has implemented in their latent print unit to reduce erroneous exclusions. Examples of erroneous exclusions from casework will be presented along with information on circumstances that might make an erroneous exclusion more likely. Comparison exercises will demonstrate a practical approach to exclusion decisions.

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Live virtual classroom 
Forensic sciences, Forensic technology, Law Enforcement Training
Approximately 360 minutes
Law Enforcement, Criminalists, Latent Print Examiners, Forensic Scientists, Lab Directors
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Certificate of Completion