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Collecting Footwear and Tire Impressions in Snow

Course Title:
Collecting Footwear and Tire Impressions in Snow
Course Description:

From footwear to tire to snowmobile impressions, snow impressions can provide extremely valuable evidence in helping to resolve criminal investigations. Unfortunately, photographing and obtaining a cast of a snow impression is often a challenge for the crime scene examiner. This presentation will review techniques for photographing and casting snow impressions found at the crime scene. Methods for utilizing dental stone, fast setting plaster, and sulfur cement casting of snow impressions will be examined, showing how the type of snow and weather conditions may determine which casting technique to use.

Course Type:
Panel Discussion 
Forensic sciences, Forensic technology, Law Enforcement Training
Approximately 60 minutes
Evidence Collectors, Law Enforcement, Forensic Professionals
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Certificate of Attendance